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If you’ve got business vehicles, you will want to insure them with a commercial auto policy. As a business owner, you need the same kinds of insurance coverage’s for the cars you use in your business as you do for a car used for personal travel. A commercial auto policy extends comprehensive protection for bodily injury and property damage caused by owned vehicles and non-owned vehicles used for the business.

This policy can cover you whether the employees are driving company vehicles, rentals or their own vehicles, while on the job. Coverages can include automobile liability, uninsured motorist coverage, personal injury protection, and physical damage.

What coverage’s you need on a commercial auto policy will depend on the auto exposures you have. Call our agency. We will ask you questions on how you use the vehicles in your business, who will be driving them and whether your employees will be driving their own cars for business purposes.

We will explain all of your PA Commercial Truck Insurance and any other coverage’s that may be needed, explore any and all discounts and relevant options and help you determine the appropriate coverage’s to purchase.

Below is a larger list of our Progressive Pennsylvania Truck Insurance coverage’s offered with the most discounts available anywhere.:
•Box truck insurance
•Dump truck insurance
•Flatbed truck insurance
•Express delivery truck insurance
•Refrigerated truck insurance
•Tanker truck insurance
•Tractor insurance
•Other commercial truck insurance
•Box delivery trucks
•Dump body trucks
•Flatbed rollback trucks
•Front loaders
•Garbage trucks
•Pickup trucks with standard or commercial beds
•Cement and pump trucks
•Refrigerated box trucks
•Roll-on vehicles
•Semi trucks
•Stake body trucks
•Straight trucks
•Tank trucks
•Tow trucks
•Vocational trucks
•Auto hauler trailers
•Bottom dump trailers
•Bulk commodity trailers
•Concession trailers
•Dry freight trailers
•Dump body trailers
•Flatbed trailers
•Gooseneck trailers
•Horse trailers
•Livestock trailers
•Logging trailers
•Lowboy trailers
•Pole trailers
•Refrigerated trailers
•Tank trailers
•Tilt trailers
•Transfer boxes
•Utility trailers

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