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  • Ohio Truck Insurance – Non-Trucking Liability or NTL Insurance – Sometimes called “Bobtail” insurance though this is not a correct term, NTL provides liability coverage when the truck is being used for purposes outside the scope of the lease and not under dispatch.
  • Primary Auto Liability Insurance – Every truck driver or trucking company who operates under their own authority is required to carry minimum primary liability coverage on all owned units and usually also provide this owner operator insurance for their leased vehicles.
  • Cargo Insurance – Provides coverage for loss or damage to the property a truck is transporting. Typically, but not always, provided by the motor carrier for leased operators.
  • Physical Damage Insurance (Collision, Comprehensive or Specified Perils) – Provides coverage for repair or replacement for damage resulting from a covered loss (collision, fire, theft, hail, windstorm, earthquake, flood, mischief, or vandalism) to owned vehicles.

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Form Description Authorities Subject to Filing
BMC-91 or BMC-91X Public liability insurance (bodily injury/property damage/environmental restoration)
  • Motor Carrier
  • Freight Forwarder (Note: Non-vehicle operating freight forwarders may seek waiver of this requirement.)
  • Freight:–$750,000 – $5,000,000, depending on commodities transported; $300,000 for non-hazardous freight moved only in vehicles weighing under 10,001 lbs.
  • Passengers:–$5,000,000; $1,500,000 for registrants operating only vehicles with seating capacity of 15 or fewer passengers.
BMC-34 or BMC-83
  • Ohio Truck Insurance – Cargo insurance–$5,000 per vehicle
  • $10,000 per occurrence
  • Household Goods Motor Carrier
  • Household Goods Freight Forwarder
BMC-84 or BMC-85
  • Surety Bond amount is $75,000
  • Trust Fund Agreement amount is $75,000
Freight Forwarder, Broker of Freight
BOC-3 Legal Process Agents All Authorities
MCS-90  Ohio Truck Insurance and federal filing Hazmat Safety Permit Carriers
  • Occupational Accident Insurance (Occ/Acc) – Product designed specifically for owner operators in the trucking industry. In most states, by being self- employed owner/operators can opt out of state mandated workers compensation coverage. While not the same as workers compensation, occ-acc is similar in scope and intent. Most motor carriers require their leased operators to be covered either by workers compensation or occ-acc at the leased operator’s expense. For those who qualify, occ-acc is generally a lower cost alternative.
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