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PA & OH Truckers liability insurance-general and primary auto liability.

Many people don’t distinguish between Truckers General Liability and Primary Auto Liability.

Commercial Truck Insurance.
PA and OH Commercial Truck Insurance

But in fact the two are very different in respect to what they are intended for and in premium. General Liability, as the name of it entails, is intended to cover general business losses. Such as rented premises, office locations, personal injuries, etc. The premium for General Liability in most cases is about $600 – $700 per year. The Primary Auto Liability is the one which covers your trucks. This coverage is intended to cover other party in case of an accident at which you are found at fault. The premium for Primary Auto Liability is the most expensive part of your trucking insurance package. Usually in the neighborhood of $5,000 to $7,000 per truck per year.

Also called bobtail is something you can buy to cover your truck when you are not under dispatch with the motor carrier which provides your Primary Auto Liability. It will only cover losses when you are not using your truck on for hire bases.

The premium for Primary Auto Liability is the most expensive part of your Pennsylvania or Ohio trucking insurance package. Let our experienced brokers help you (855) 820-8321. If you need regular liability, that is available but it is not usually required to operate your trucking business. Relax we’ll help you sort it out.

We will help you find the most affordable coverage to insure your commercial PA or OH truck and vehicles.