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Pennsylvania & Ohio Truck insurance from rookies to veterans

Pennsylvania and Ohio Trucking Insurance Simplified! Get free rate quotes and explore all coverage options.
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We don’t require minimum driving or business experience to get a Pennsylvania truck insurance or Ohio truck insurance quote. We provide insurance to everyone from veterans to rookies. Even drivers who just got their CDL or, depending on your vehicle, those who don’t have a CDL at all can get commercial trucking insurance at a great rate. Veteran drivers and businesses may be able to benefit from our Experienced CDL and Experienced Business discounts.

Find out how much it is to insure your PA or OH big rig below. Get a “Big Rig Quote” for Pennsylvania or Ohio Truck Insurance and be on the road to saving $.

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Pennsylvania and Ohio Fleet Auto for trucking and many other types of businesses.

Our Pennsylvania and Ohio fleet insurance companies are well equipped to quickly figure out which filings that your company needs and get them submitted very fast. When you have to stay on the road for your business to make money, this is of the utmost concern.

Some of the most popular coverage’s are.

Primary Auto Liability: Mandated truck insurance coverage which protects from injury or damage to others as a result of a truck accident.

Physical Damage (Comp & Coll): Protection covering the repair or replacement of the truck or trailer.

Motor Truck Cargo (Cargo Policy): Protection for the transporter for his responsibility in the event of damaged or lost freight.

Trailer Interchange: Coverage for the legal liability of truckers for damage or loss to non-owned trailers and equipment which insured’s possess under a written trailer interchange agreement.

Non-Trucking Liability (Used to be called “Bobtail”): Provides limited liability truck insurance for owner operators who are leased permanently to an ICC regulated carrier. Insure your truck-tractor when you are not pulling a load for yourself or others. (Great to have this)

Progressive authorized Pennsylvania Truck Insurance and Ohio Truck Insurance Agency.

Progressive Pennsylvania Commercial Auto and Truck Insurance Authorized Agency also Ohio Truck Insurance too.
Progressive Pennsylvania and Ohio Commercial Auto and Truck Insurance

Get a Pennsylvania or Ohio Commercial auto or commercial truck insurance quote estimate. We will do our best to find coverage (855) 820-8321 for affordable Pennsylvania or Ohio Truck Insurance. Same day quote & bind available statewide. Get on-board for great savings even rookies and startups welcome!

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