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Shopping for PA Truck Insurance has never been an easy and enjoyable task. Let’s face it, who wants to pay large sums of money to the already wealthy insurance companies. Yes, insurance is one of those necessary items we all have to buy. We understand this dilemma very well. This is why we would like you to be informed. We really want you to shop for your insurance, but we also want you to be well-versed of what to expect and what to demand. Use the experience of our transportation insurance brokers that offer local, intermediate and long distance trucking insurance including new ventures just starting up.

Anyone below 30 years of age, or a new venture, should expect to pay at least 20% more than if they were 30 or over. Commercial Trucking insurance rates are sure high in the keystone state, but for young drivers the insurance cost is almost unbearable. There is not really a fix for this issue, only time will reduce your trucking insurance premium.

We offer Pennsylvania truck insurance for owner operators, New Ventures and large fleets, for new companies as well as established preferred corporations or high exposure operations. We have commercial auto insurance available to just about anyone. If your drivers have little or no experience or if they have been truckers all their lives, we have insurance for you. We specialize in providing insurance for the transportation and trucking industries in Pennsylvania.

PA Owner Operators and FleetsGeneral Commodities (Reefer, Flatbed, Dry Van)
Pennsylvania Local, Intermediate and Long HaulAsphalt Haulers (Belly Dumps, Side Dumps, End Dumps)
Contingent Cargo and LiabilityFuel Haulers (Gasoline, Crude Oil, Waste Oil, Hot Oil)
Pennsylvania Dump Trucks (Sand, Dirt, Gravel)Pennsylvania Wrecker Service / Tow Truck Operations
Field ServicesContingent Cargo and Liability
Hazardous Waste HaulersTrash / Refuse / Waste Trucks
Heavy HaulersContractors auto & CGL Liability
Cement TrucksTrailer Interchange Insurance
Equipment HaulersConstruction Trucking
Logging TrucksPennsylvania Buses / Tours / Charters

If you are an owner-operator, you normally do not need workers’ compensation because you have no employees, but you may need accident and health insurance as well as disability coverage on yourself as a self-employed professional.

You will also need uninsured-motorist (UIM) coverage and personal-injury protection (PIP), as well as bobtail insurance to cover accidents that occur during “non-trucking use” when your truck is not hauling a revenue load. Unless you own a terminal, you will not need terminal insurance, but if you maintain your own vehicle you’ll want to insure the garage where you do the work.

If you’re an owner-operator, the coverages you need will depend on whether you run under your own authority or under someone else’s authority on a permanent or trip lease. If you’re operating under your own authority, you’ll need:

  • Primary auto liability coverage (this includes UIM and PIP)
  • Physical damage coverage, which also covers your electronic equipment, tarps, chains, etc.
  • Cargo coverage, which insures the contents of the trailer, temperature-control machinery, and other appliances or accessories that keep cargo secure. Coverage should be tailored to the type of commodities hauled and the requirements of the shipper. “All-risk” cargo coverage normally is not available.

Optional coverages include occupational health and accident insurance (pays daily benefits for equipment if you’re laid up, which could be applied to truck payments), general liability, and garage liability.

If you operate under another’s authority, don’t accept an assignment until you have read the lease carefully to determine who is responsible to provide insurance coverage. If you don’t have a copy of the lease, demand it. In most cases, the motor carrier to whom you are leased will carry primary liability coverage. However, few leases carry physical damage coverage for the owner-operator. You will need this coverage because you may be liable for damage to trailers you pull but do not own.

Be insured with a quality authorized Pennsylvania truck insurance company offering the following:

Claims Direct toll free number 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to report claims or answer questions.

Examiners specializing in commercial auto liability, physical damage and cargo

Assistance in collecting amounts others owe, including your deductible, when
others are responsible for your loss.

Coverage that you need like auto liability, physical damage and cargo coverage all covered  under one policy.

Physical damage coverage that includes towing coverage.

Physical damage coverage that will cover your vehicle up to the full amount
you have financed. May be purchased standalone.

Cargo coverage that include costs of cleaning up pollutants and debris. May be purchased standalone.

Loss Control Department and loss control staff with strong truck safety
knowledge and expertise.

Assistance with DOT Regs, HazMat and other safety management issues through
regular communications, such as newsletters or web site access.

Free safety management and driver training materials such as videos, manuals
and bulletins.

Competitive Pricing Flexible payment choices including installment payments
and monthly reporting options.

Industry leading coverage and service at a fair market price.

Pennsylvania Trucking Industry experience insuring truckers in all market cycles not in and out of the industry.

Experience insuring truckers coast to coast all over the USA not just a regional state or local carrier.

Financial Stability A.M. Best rating of “A” or better.

Adequate assets to ensure ability to stay in business and cover losses.

National Insurers Company and D. Ammons Commercial Insurance Brokerage are independent insurance agencies, serving Pennsylvania and Ohio personal and commercial insurance needs for over 35 years.

Our team of professionals strive to provide our clients with quality insurance protection and superior customer service. As an independent agency, we are able to meet the needs of our clients with a diversified portfolio of personal and commercial insurance products from various highly rated companies.

PA Commercial Auto Insurance Agency.

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